After a successful first half of my career as a design leader for all size, shapes, and scale, I’m consulting and coaching studio owners, product executives, and design leaders.

Also check out my new consultancy, Same Team Partners.

How to work together

My practice is focused on coaching and leading people and teams to become more focused, efficient, diplomatic and resilient. I have been hired to develop strategy and tactics to improve products, services, and programs. No matter the engagement, collaboration with clients is required in order to gain alignment on problems, solutions, and prioritization.

We will start with a conversation, and if that goes well, we will follow up with a workshop to document the current challenges, who’s who, your organizational goals, and potential blockers.

Please get in touch via email or find a day and time to chat or send a message via LinkedIn.

Typically my work falls into three areas:

  • Coaching studio owners, experience owners, and design leaders to reframe their problems, provide alternate solutions, and relieve decision fatigue.
    Despite working with many people who may extend empathy, being a leader Is a very lonely job. Growth is seemingly right out of reach while you are being inundated by requests to put out fires, provide direction, and make decisions. Through 1:1 coaching sessions we will expose how organizational issues are impacting your goals, uncover the root of problems, collaborate on potential solutions and come out with a prioritized and aligned strategy to unblock your organization and free up more of your time to lead.
  • Creating strategies and facilitating tactics to increase adoption and utilization of design, content, and brand systems.Design systems are ultimately a reflection of an organizations culture. One way or framework does not fit all, and that’s why so many design systems do not deliver. I work with design and development teams to create a strategy to engage and work with cross-functional partners to align on goals, how those goals are measured, how they will collaborate to deploy and maintain a successful, efficient system that works across the Enterprise.
  • Providing fractional design leadership to provide continued employee growth, efficiency, and scale when they are in leadership transition.Not every company is able to stand up a design program with dedicated leadership that can work with a range of roles from executives to designers. In these situations designers may report up to a product or technology leader who can manage their productivity but could use help to improve their design work, skillsets, and collaboration with developers and business leaders.

Industries + Clients

I have led teams at all level of scale from small independent studios to global enterprise, working providing services across a variety of industries that includes:

  • IBM
  • USAA
  • InVision
  • Pintrest
  • BBVA Compass
  • Stanford University
  • AMC Theatres
  • Arizona State University
  • Sundance Film Festival
  • Kauai Hindu Monastery


Greg Storey brings a wealth of industry experience and wisdom to his work as a founder and leader gained through 25 years of experience in the industry. His work with agencies, medium-sized companies, and enterprise organizations like IBM, USAA, InVision, Stanford University, Sundance Film Festival, AMC Theatres, and BBVA Compass has given him a unique and valuable perspective on what makes design successful in a variety of conditions. He’s a willing collaborator ready to partner across teams and loves to break down silos and build people and teams. Greg is known for bringing unique perspectives to problems that help get teams unstuck.

Greg is an active leader in the digital community by providing leadership for Dribbble, Creative Mornings, and Amazing People Design List communities. In 2011, he co-founded the Bureau of Digital, a supportive community for studio owners, operators, design and project management leaders. He is the co-host of the podcast Sprints & Milestones and is a co-author of the book Remote Work for Design Teams. To date, Greg’s single best achievement is the direct mentorship and growth of hundreds of designers worldwide.

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