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One step closer to wiping the cheese stains off our democracy.

I was heads down on some work when a friend pinged me with the news that a jury of twelve citizens of the United States all came to the same conclusion that a former president is guilt of committing thirty-four counts of felony crimes. I don’t know what you were expecting, but given the fractured state of this country I never imagined this to be the outcome of this trial. 

As of this week, our republic, a long time beacon and defender of democracy (although that is questionable and cliché), has joined a sad list of countries (democratic and otherwise) with former rulers who were convicted of serious crimes. We have a former president (possibly future president) who is now banned from traveling to thirty-seven countries that include our strongest trade partners and military allies. Think about that for a minute.

No matter how we and our neighbors side with these events—pro or con—the tarnish on our country’s reputation is there and it’s permanent. We have three more trials, fifty-four more indictments to finish and no matter the outcome, the Cheetos-colored stain on our democracy will grow larger and messier. 

Meanwhile, a convicted felon thirty-four times over (to date) is running for the hightest political office in the United States and arguably the world. And he’s doing so legally. Let that sink in and then please make sure you’re all registered to vote against electing a felon with zero morals, honor, or valor, and his clown car that is the Republican party.