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The United Stupid of America.

Minutes in I turned off the debate. If you watched all of it, I applaud your ability to watch grass dry out and whither. As Josh Williams posted, “One is lying. The other is dying.” That was nothing but embarrassing to see and I have this “Geez, I hope nobody outside of the US was watching” feeling. I honestly don’t see a win for this country at all—no matter who wins—if these are to be our candidates (I've read that groups on both sides are looking at options). I don’t know what I would hope for with the prospect of different options except just about anything is better than this. Almost. I’m not voting for that independent nut job.

Where is the disruption for our political system? How genuinely and remarkably stupid do things have to get before we rethink how we discover and develop new talent? Our sports industry has incredible systems that do this. Our vocational workforces have been doing this for centuries. We have hundreds of professions that require apprenticing, training, and ongoing certification, but no such requirements for running for a political office. Especially the one that runs and operates a nuclear superpower?

Tonight I'm thinking +01 is a joke.