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The Dice — 001

Here is the first issue of The Dice, six links to inspire, inform, or entertain—Not too long or too short. This feature is the spiritual successor to the Longboard that was published on Airbag in days gone by. As much as people tell me how much they enjoy my writing, I get even more compliments on the collection of links that I used to publish. We’ll see how this goes, but if you like this let me know, yeah?

Have a great weekend. Take care of your valets and they will take care of you.

Chris Glass’ Blogroll is my favorite page on the Internet right now. For those pining for the “old days,” this is how you do it. Turning away from algorithms and curating sources of good content. That’s how we did it back then and it still works today.

Luke Dorny posted the perfect, minimalist expression of web designer frustration in his masterpiece titled, “Layout.” Luxury, I don't know why you need a new design but I get it and sending creative voodoo your way.

I don’t think it’s a stretch to presume that Brilliantcrank subscribers are, like myself, middle-aged. That said, here’s some inspiration for us all: He Turned 55. Then He Started the World’s Most Important Company. 

Given their wholehearted and unchecked embrace of AI and recent slopiness in destroying client data and backups, I would love nothing more than to remove Google completely from my work and life like Aaron Rolston.

The skill you’ve never been taught: How to think better. Yet another classic from Farnam Street. And after you’ve had a good think, take action.

I think they’re positioning this property all wrong. It should be marketed as the perfect Bond Villian starter home with a pair of jetpacks (optional, some assembly required).

This issue was written and assembled listening to The Road, Pt. 1 by UNKLE.